Article VII, Section 4d: “Have monetary requests over the amount of $1,000
approved by two unrelated people: the Treasurer and the President or
designated alternate board member.”

[Update: Threshold lowered from $2,000 to $1,000]

Article VIII, Section 3: “The members of the Board shall be as follows:

a. Elected Officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary);
b. Non-Elected Positions

1. Chairperson for Gifts & Grants, Hospitality, Communications, Fundraising

2. Parent-at-Large

d. the President may appoint a Parliamentarian to advise on Roberts Rules (a
non-voting position)”.


[Update: Adding Fundraising and shifting Parent-at-Large from item (a) to
item (b), to reflect that it is no longer an elected position but volunteer, per
the CT PTA rules]

Article X, Section 2: “The standing committees of this Constituent Association
shall be:

a. Standing Committees are as follows:

1. Reflections,

2. Senior Picnic,

3. Graduation,

4. G9-11 Photos,

5. The Cave,

6. New Families Liaison and Nominations.

Please note all changes to the bylaws document are highlighted in red.

The new bylaws will be voted on at the General Meeting on Wednesday,
February 7, 2024

PTSA By-Laws can be found Here